The Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque is Berlin’s progressive mosque, headed by the controversial female Imam Seyran Ateş.

The Mosque and Seyran Ateş are (in)famous for the progressive view on humanity, which includes gender equality, acceptance of homosexuality and other LGBTQIA+ persons as well as, of course, a respect for genital autonomy for children. No circumcision of healthy children.

Seyran Ateş is a supporter of the WWDOGA-declaration for children’s right to genital autonomy.

The participants on this photo are activists for fundamental human rights in fields such as equality (feminism),  LGBTQIA+ rights and children’s rights representing five different nationalities under one roof in the catholic St. John church of Berlin, which also houses the  Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque.

The wooden structure in the back-ground is the logo of the mosque, placed in the direction of Mecca in order to facilitate the communitie’s prayers.


In the photo:

Back row, from the left: Victor Schiering, Chair of MOGIS, Fathi*, Tayfun Ksoy, activist in MOGIS, *, Holger Edmaier, Chair of 100% Mensch, Güray Baba, Board Member of Intact Denmark and Linn Fabricius Dyg, intern of Intact Denmark.

Front row, from the left: Gislinde Nauy, activist in Terre des Femme, Lena Nyhus, Chair of Intact Denmark, *, and Seyran Ateş, Imam of Ibn Rushd-Goethe Moschee.

*Names omitted for security or privacy reasons